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( week 2 ) saturday night, jay

[look. a lot has happened today. there was yelling, lemon squeezing, tentacle dicking, corpse burning, and arm wrestling (hypothetically for some, literally for others). let chie live for the rest of the night.

something tells her she's not going to get to rest that easily, though, even at this late—but pre-curfew—hour. who's that coming to find her staring at the ceiling in the lounge tonight?]
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[ first of all i hate that you forced me to read that sentence

secondly, it's jay. jay will find her staring at the ceiling of the lounge tonight. ]

This is a bad spot to nap.
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I see.

[ he takes a seat. ]

How was the trial?
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At least we got a confession. In the stupidest way possible, sure, but it's better than last week.
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Do you think Tsurugi did it? I know that was the popular theory before we ran out of time.
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First a serial killer and now a god? You made me think you were just an ordinary teenage girl, Chie.
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Are the two things related to each other?

[ because if they aren't then that's very #wild ]
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So you weren't just a bystander regarding the murders in your town, then?
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That's true. It was heavily implied though.

[ he's just... smiling at her, like he knows what she's doing. (he does) ]
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Are you going to explain further, or do I have to live the rest of my life in suspense?
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It's not my fault you're not asking me any questions. I did answer the one you asked me before, remember?

[ i mean. he's not wrong. ]
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You should probably use it quickly. For all you know, I might be dead this time next week.
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People who want information come and find me and I'll give it to them. [ he shrugs. ] I just like knowing what's going on where I live, Chie. The idea that something might be happening under my nose is not one that I am fond of.
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[ give him a moment... to think... ]

Is there anything specific you'd want to know?

[ he's not even being cheeky here, he's curious as to what kind of information she's mostly after here. ]
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I asked him about that very early on. He more or less told me that there was no special reason why we were chosen. Craftly himself isn't really the villain here. He's just another pawn of the game, much like we are.
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All I know is that they're gods. So, feel free to yell at them.
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That's a shame. I do think that... Mother person, might be the god in question. But we have no information on that.

[ or at least, he doesn't. ]
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Right. As far as I know, there hasn't been any direct references to whoever that is since then.