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( week 4 ) sunday afternoon, jay

[as soon as they're back at the motel after the execution, chie wastes no time in tracking down jay. normally she'd pull him, but her hand is full—literally, despite her act of defiance at the pool, she went and got a slice of meat lover's anyway—so that's out of the question.

instead, she, uh, taps his shoulder with her stump. in a hushed, hurried tone—obscured by both her attempt to stay unheard and also the pizza in her mouth—she mutters,]

We gotta talk. My room. Ten minutes.
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[ did you just tap him with your stump........................

he can't even judge, he made that stump come into existence.

he won't give any visible or verbal acknowledgment, but in ten minutes jay will be outside of chie's room, knocking on the door. ]
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[ chie stop eating the damn pizza

he doesn't sit, but instead just immediately starts pacing the room. he's annoyed, which shouldn't be a new sight for chie. he's more annoyed at himself than anything else this time though. ]

Why were they suddenly taken like that?
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No. I failed, so I have to acknowledge that. The two of them were my responsibility while they were with me.

[ jay doesn't treat dipper and mabel like children, for the most part, but... they still are kids. ]

He never told me what he saw there... I know it wasn't something particularly useful, but something startled him enough to jump slightly.
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I don't want to think they're dead, but... we can at least expect that they won't be okay.

[ most likely injured somehow. he glances at chie's missing hand.

he knows that the twins have gone through a lot back home, but... they're twelve. ]
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There could still be a way to beat it, Chie. We just have to find it.

[ he's frowning though. ]
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I don't mean find it like that. It's... [ he trails off, thinking. ]

Not everything has to be black and white.
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Just that there might be more going on here than we're realizing.

[ he doesn't seem like he knows what though. (lol) ]